Places not to clean your airbrush

There are some nice places to clean your airbrush,… and there are some not so nice places.

  1. Kitchen/Bathroom sink. – Access to water, towels to dry things, it’s nearly a workbench away from the workbench! With less power and more water. The best feature is the hole at the end of the funnel, it’s a great place to drop small parts you’ve just taken out, especially the smallest parts.
  2. A room with a carpet – A nice couch to sit on, a nice table to work over, TV to watch and listen to! The couch is great to drop stuff on to so it can slip down the sides and in to crevices, and bounce under. It’s pretty good combined with a carpet, 
  3. Cats. – Cats like thinks that move fast and in different directions, and shiney things of course. Shiney thing fall, shiney thing hit floor and make noise! Shiney thing bounce. KILL SHINEY THING!

 These things are all of the things I’ve had happen to me in the last two days of using an airbrush. Lazyness nearly caused me to loose the use of my first airbrush, a decent gravity feed one at that!


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