A new list: March of the Elites

A new year and a new list. I’ve massed up 25 Terminators and 6 Dreadnought’s that need to undergo assembly, paint stripping, re-basing and painting again, plenty to do and I’m starting it off with the Bolter and Chainsword Librarium Painting Challenge (LPC) to keep me motivated. This addition to my Crimson Fist army comes out just over 1500 points and it’s nearly all elites so I realise that it’s not a legal army list without troops, I have plenty of them to field a valid army.

For basecoats I’ve used Armypainter ultramarine blue and I plan to use an airbrush with Kantor blue for the next layer, I’ve used Necron Abyss for my other Crimson Fists so I want to get a colour close to that again.

There’s a few ebay purchases here and I’ve had to strip the paint off some of them so I’ve used Fairy Power Spray to get most of the paint off them. The only problem I’ve had is with two of the broken dreadnoughts, they had layers of paint on them and one of them was thick layer of bronze which was a bit trickier to shift, and the crevices are damn hard to clean out with a toothbrush. I had to dig out a box of toothpicks to get in there. 

Phase one: Have all models primed with blue spray along with any paint stripping, magnet attachment and model repairs to be done.

Army list:

Landraider (270)  (MultiMelta, pindle storm bolter) – More assembly required.

Terminator Assault Squad (200) (Thunder hammers and Storm Shields) and Lysander (200) – Based, waiting for next phase.

Terminator Squad (230) (Cyclone launcher) – Paint stripping in progress, Cyclone Launcher needs to be repaired.

Dreadnought (105) (Default load-out) – Basecoat needs to be removed. I used gesso on it originally, while it worked well on other, smaller, models but the flat areas on this dread appear uneven and you can see brush strokes. I have the same issue with a predator but I won’t be stripping that one, too much work.

Dreadnought (115) (Plasma Cannon) – Paint stripping in progress, legs need to be repaired and then re-based.

Dreadnought (125) (Assault Cannon, Missile Launcher) – Paint stripping in progress, legs need to be repaired and then re-based.

Ironclad Dreadnought (135) – Based, waiting for magnets on DCCW mounted weapons.

Contemptor Dreadnought (190) (Kheres Assault Cannon) – Needs assembly and magnets.

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