Other projects

I’ve some other small projects on the go to give me different activities to do when I get bored of whatever I’m doing on the main project. I’ll be making posts of them once they get to a section where I can start taking photos of them.
Forgeworld – Mk V Heresy Armour. A new-year purchase of 5 marines. I’m undecided on what to do with all the pieces, I’m thinking of using them in a Sternguard squad and mixing in a small amount of other armour types for a bit of variety. I also have a Legion MK IV power weapons set, plenty of options to play with to bling these guys out, except for combi weapons 😦 There’s a double handed chainsword in this so perhaps there’s a Gabriel Seth model in it’s future.
Techmarine – I like Techmarines, so much so I want a third one that I can say I’ve made myself. I have msot of the parts picked out except for legs and a backpack. I have spare parts from some servitors so that should take care of the servo arms so just need a backpack I can modify and have it look like it fits.
Ebay purchases to be repaired/fixed and unfinished projects – I have a good few devastators with metal shoulder pads, assault marines with the same and a bunch of Legion of the Damned that need a bit of work to get them fit for base-coating. There’s one assault sergeant who is looking as his power sword as if it just appeared in his hand “Holy shit! I have a power sword!” Two landspeeders and a Landraider that need the paint stripped off them and some holes filled, a Landraider with the lascannons in the wrong position (my mistake). There’s a Predator that I did a botched magnetising job on a few years ago I really should finish and a squad of scout bikers that I also botched the magnetising on and are pretty close to being finished, I just never get there.

Stormtalon basing – I’d like to make a good diorama base for this model, something to show that it’s flying high overhead of a battle, swooping down to make lightning strikes so I bought some marine epic models on ebay again, old style rhino’s and marines. I need to lay out a design before starting this one.
Dark Vengeance – As a marine player I couldn’t avoid this purchase, cheap power armour! They’re assembled and based but I’m not sure how to paint them. I may go for a Crimson Fist scheme and call them something like the Crimson Angels or Fists of the Lion, a custom Dark Angel successor chapter so they can blend in with the rest of the marines when I need them or allies or I can use some Fist units in a Dark Angel list.

Firestorm Armada – I’ve a small Terran fleet for this game, I like parts of the game and I like the models. The plan with is is to paint the Terran ships in the Crimson Fist colours and maybe add some iconography to them. They won’t be battle barges or strike cruisers but it’s the closest things I’ll have.

Other 40k models – There are few other models I like from 40k that I won’t be building an army with, the Tyranid Trygon and the Imperial Guard Valkyrie. They just stand out as models I want to build, paint and display.


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