Alternative Space Marine models – Exo-Lords

There was a recent annoucment from for a newly released set of models, the Black Ops Fireteam after a quick look over the models and photos I went for it and bought a set. I don’t think they’ll fit in with my regular marines dues to the scopes, scilencers and helmet accessories but I thought they’d make a good addition to my tenth company Cirmson Fists, scouts in void-hardened armour, for use in boarding actions where they need to strike deep at a vital system or for activities on barren, airless or toxic worlds. You can’t expect scouts to stick to nice oxygen laden planets! I felt the look of these models would fall in to that section fairly well.

It would be nicer if the weapons where a bit more modular for ease of assembly and to give a good range of poses but these guys will be fairly unique in my army. The backpacks look like they’re flat but just at the top they have two small notches that line up with the cabling just behind the head, it was quite hard to see and not very useful to keep the back pack aligned, if it could be deeper it’d be a great aid to align and keep the backpack in place when your attaching it.

and here’s the assembled Exo-lords without bases.

There’s even a pointing one! 🙂

The Exo-lords range has some nice options for space marine players, plenty of bionic limbs for those that want to add some variety to their army or even build themselves an Iron Hands army. Capes over backpacks would be nice, camo cloaks for the void scouts 🙂 The range of bases are decent as well, I went for some cityscape bases for these guys.

There’s a night weight to these bases. Now they enter my painting queue and it looks like they might be finished sometime next month.


One thought on “Alternative Space Marine models – Exo-Lords

  1. I like them; they have a stronger sense of reality about them than GW marines but yet I don't think they'll look out of place side-by-side. You might also want to check out the preview of the heavy weapons dudes that Anvil posted. A missile launcher or autocannon would be a nice addition 🙂

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