A busy summer

A recent house move AND the birth of my daughter has put my 40k habit on hold for a bit, the assembling half of it anyway. I’ve continued the purchasing half…

I had a ticket for the open day but my daughter decided to arrive a month early a few days before the open day so I wasn’t going anywhere.
Current projects involve unpacking boxes and feeding the baby, once all the boxes are gone I’ll be working on setting up a work area for myself. We have a nice sun-room in the back that’ll be good for gaming in but I don’t want it to get cluttered up with a gaming table so my summer project will be to build two wooden items. First will be a box for spray painting that can double as a photobox. That won’t take long to build and once it’s set up I can spray away without marking anything I shouldn’t 🙂 The second will be a folding 4×6 game table.
My job is event centric so once June hits it goes in to overdrive and having a newborn to look after will mean I’ll be lucky if I get to half finish this by September. I can’t forget my other on-going projects either!

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