Hobby commitment for October!

I keep starting projects but seldom finish, this changes with this month.

As part of a hobby challenge with another (http://lordscrambles.blogspot.ie/) I’m setting goals each month to start and finish a unit in my expansive Crimson Fists army.

I realise I have posts about previous projects and they will tie in a little to this one. The March of my Elites and Techmaine workshop posts will feature here and this first goal is a good example.

Hobby Commitment for October:

1 Razorback – Twin Linked Las
1 Squad of plastic Sternguard (5 marines)

No movement on the Razorback yet, that will require a few hours to smooth out the gaps and see what parts need repainting.

The Sternguard are from the new kit released recently by GW. I’ve assembled the torso/backpack/legs before I realised I wanted to use the heavy flamer, oops! I’ll just make another marine up for it and throw some bling on to make him look more like a veteran at a later stage!

I’m aiming to have both units assembled/repaired and have the primary colour applied to them by the end of next week.

This will be an elite+transport added to the army, next month I plan to chose from the Heavy Support section.


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