Buying is hobby progress… right?

Yes! It must be! Because that’s my hobby progress for the moment. I’ve added a droppod, thunderfire cannon, Land Raider,….. battleforce…. and megaforce. Each step just gets bigger and more complicated.

Once I get all of this done I could field a tactical company and a small portion of the 1st company along with plenty of dreadnaughts. I’ve also increased my bitz range with a random bag of bitz from ebay. Some nice stuff in the bag, old stuff I make use of and some.. terrain perhaps. I can always melt the remainder in to mishapen plastic lumps

I’ve added everything to my Kanban board which is turning in to a Kanban monster.

If you need something to get yourself organised I recommend setting up a kanban board for hobby progress. I’ve started using after hearing The IC podcast talking about it. I haven’t made much hobby progress, for other reasons, but at least now when I sit down I can just load up the page and pick something to work on based on the time I have available and move it one step closer to Fin.

This will be the last of my purchasing for quite awhile. If you can tell from the board picture above I have quite a backlog to get through.


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