The Independent Characters – Hobby progess Challenge

So I’ve entered the IC Hobby Progress Challenge to make some progress and provide some motivation.

My entry –

More info on the challenge can be found here –

The challenge is in two halves, but entirely optional, the first being a 1000 points zone mortalis force. This places some restrictions on the force that can be formed, most of them will be infantry as tanks, flyers and other vehicles won’t fit in to the tight spaces of ZM. The only exception would be walkers like dreads. I’ve gone for a low model count force to maximise the result I’ll get at the end, I’ll have a semi-viable force and more importantly I’ll have completed units. My main focus is hobby progress and currently the only way I can progress is by stealing 15 minutes every couple of days to work on some small aspect of a unit. Eyes one day, bolters the next, then the purity seal wax and the paper the next day. It’s slow going but better than no progress. As someone on the IC forum said

Have brush, have paint, have water, go!

The last few months have been busy but there has been progress! On terminators, I’ve got a good bit of work done on my Thunderhammer and Storm Shield unit. I still have some decisions to make on the colour pattern for the shield and some minor choices for the hammers. That shouldn’t take too long and I’ll have them in the queue for basing fairly soon. More photos in the next post!


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