Hobby progress Feburary and March

Last months entry has gone well, a basic tabletop standard Ironclad Dread.

There’s plenty on this model I’d like to do again but considering it’s been a year or more since I assembled it and nearly that long since I painted anything so I’m happy with a basic table top standard. Once I get the rest of the army painted I may revisit this model.

I’ve moved on to a Terminator Librarian and I was about half way when I got impatient with the painting method I was using and added a bit more pigment for the blue armour and that ruined the paint job. I thought about it and just decided to strip it back to the resin and start over again but with a shortcut, I reached for the army painter blue spray. It didn’t work out well for me, the can was old and it gave me a nice lumpy texture on the model, time to strip again and start over… again. It’s one model so it’s not much of a set back but I was hoping to move on to devastators early.


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