Hobby Progress – A dent in April

I’ve dusted off the airbrush compressor and made a temporary space to start putting a basecoat on my hobby progress units. I’ve also made a move over to dedicated airbrush paints so I don’t have to thin out GW or mix in other colours to make a blue I like, I never remember recipies and I’m dire at writing them down. Two paints I settled on where Vallejo’s Blue Angels and P3’s Blue Exile. I had to thin the P3 a bit to make it suitable but I liked the colour, it reminded me of the old Crimson Fist artwork.

I selected two models that where the same, a terminator from Dark Vengance and two plasma Dev’s from a past ebay purchase. Left is Blue Angels, right is Blue Exile.
Crimson Fist Terminators
Crimson Fist Terminators
Crimson Fist Plasma Devs
Crimson Fist Plasma Devs

I liked both so I asked the Google+ warhammer community and on the hobby progress thread as to which one everyone prefered and the Vallejo colour has come out in front. I gathered up my forces last night and set to spraying.

A good bit has been done, I’ve left the assualt marines as they need more work to fix broken hands and weapons, perhaps in the next hobby progress phase 🙂


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