The road to Heresy Doubles 1 – 10 minute Hobby Progress

I’m on the hobby road to finishing the 30k Imperial Fist army I started last year. The marines saw three games of unpainted shame, the next game they’re in will be with fully painted honours.
I have limited time most days so I’m aiming for at least a 10 minutes hobby progress each day with occasional 30 minute and 1 hour painting sessions. The 10 minute sessions should let me get everything ready to go for the longer ones, if everything is set up I can just sit down and paint straight away, no messing around for 10 or 20 minute before hand looking for tools, paints or models.
10 Minute Hobby Progress
Lining up bases to make sure I have them all and get them ready to be glued to corks for airbrush basecoat.

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