The road to Heresy Doubles 4 – 30 minute Hobby Progress

More today! Getting the bases glued to something, this will make them easier to airbush evenly and then to paint afterwards. I found I was missing one after a count, thankfully it was hidden in the corner of my cheapo-DIY airbrush box.

60 bases ready and sorted. Hoping I’ll have them all basecoated in the next post or a large part of them.

I’m going to try for this

  1. Prime black.
  2. Paint the earth areas with skavenblight dinge.
  3. Drybrush with longbeard grey.
  4. Paint the metal areas leadbelcher.
  5. Wash the whole thing agrax earthshade.
  6. Dab typhus corrosion onto the metal to give is some extra texture and provide the base for the rust.
  7. Then dab on some ryza rust onto some of those areas.
  8. Done.
This should give a nice base and somewhat match the theme of the other armies bases.

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