The road to Heresy Doubles 6 – painting dry run

I was nearly ready to start base coating this morning but decided on a dry run instead. Cleaning an airbrush can take some time so I want to spend the maximum amount of time laying down paint I can manage.

The dry run showed me I didn’t prepare my model space as much as I could. I had all the bases lined up but I wasn’t going to do them all, I was going to take four up at a time to minimise paint splatter on the other bases. I had no easy way to remove all 60 at once, I’d have to put them on another table and then back up again. If I only had 10 done I’d have to put all 60 back in to keep them away from small fingers. Some thinking and I realised I have an unassembled Deltof, the base would fit and make it easy to move the bases around in one batch.
If the rain stopped for awhile I could just use a rattle can on them but its ever-present during my hobby time.

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