Horus Heresy Doubles

My list was using Chosen Duty

  • Delegatus
  • Apoticary
  • 2 Tactical Vet squads with 2 Heavy Bolters (each), PF on the sergeant and a Rhino with a pintle multi-melta
  • Legion Heavy support squad with Lascannons

All the characters had a Artificer armour, which came in very handy.

Game 1 – Against two Iron Warriors. One of my Rhino’s has earned a name after weathering a round of fire from two contemptors and one Proteus, then slagging the Proteus with a well placed MM shot.

Imgur Gallery –

Game 2 – Against Death Guard and Word Bearers.

Most satisfying moment? Nailing Erebus in the face with bolter fire. The same highly durable Rhino from the last game made it to the halfway point and it took an intervention from Typhon to destroy it.

Game 3 – Iron Hands and Ultramarines… what! Yes the event wasn’t narrative at all and was a random pairing system. First time against a Levithan, it was big and took a bit to take down, even the flying haywire platforms took a few passes to get it done. Also the first game my Lascannon team survived intact past the first round, they killed a plasma predator on turn one.

Game 4 – Nurgle strikes! My double partner fell ill due to a dodgy indian meal the night before. One other person didn’t have their partner so a quick talk and we teamed up. Imperial Fists and Blood Angels, at least there where no allegiance issues 😀

Mechanicum and Iron Hands. Those lightings where annoying, no skyfire! so not much luck against them.

Game 5 – Salamanders and Imperial Fists

Traitor IF! No, just a random pairing system. The Lascannon team survived for quite awhile and reaped a heavy toll. 2 Vindicator laser destroyers, 1 LR Proteus and 1 Delegatus. I learnt that I shouldn’t assault breachers when I have superior firepower (sniper vets)

We seen a few people get paired up against the same opponent or played on the same table multiple times. The games are great but a bit of variety on the table would have been nice. If I had my army fully painted before arriving I would have gotten to play on a city style board the day before the event started. Arriving a day early to get some games in was a good idea. WHW wasn’t crowded and it was a good chance to look around.

I have some work to do so I can call everything finished. I’m painting up a Contemptor so I have a bit more choice so once that’s finished I’ll use next month as a closing month to get the last pieces done.


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