Imperial Fists Contemptor #1

After the heresy doubles I took a hobby break and looked at what I could add next and settled on a contemptor. A small challenge started on bolter and chainsword, perfect motivation to get started again.

Progress so far, I have some learning objectives I want to try on this model as well. Thankfully airbrushing is fairly forgiving.

  1. Better airbrush control. I have a cheap dual-action airbrush. It won’t allow me to draw fine lines on models but it still lets me target area’s, I just need more practice.
  2. Pre-shading. Using a dark colour under the main colour should give a darker colour. If you apply it to the underside of a model or area’s that would get a lot of shadow you get a something that should look more natural.
  3. Colour Scheme. I like the dark blue and yellow I had on my Rhino’s so I thought to expand on it a little and make it my army colour scheme. Red is going to be my third colour in a Triad colour scheme. Allowing one colour to dominate (Yellow) and the others to complement it (Dark Blue/Purple and Red) This allows me to combine elements from a 40k Crimson Fist army. I have the blue on this one, now I just need to work in Red..

All of this has been achieved in 30-minute bursts each morning. I have my area setup as close to ideal as I can, perform a dry run so I haven’t missed anything. Once I have this guy finished I’ll be returning to my Heresy Doubles army to finish them off properly. Second on my list is 4 Land Speeders. Two need some repair and I’ll need to choose a loadout for them.


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