Imperial Fists Contemptor #1

After the heresy doubles I took a hobby break and looked at what I could add next and settled on a contemptor. A small challenge started on bolter and chainsword, perfect motivation to get started again. View post on Some pre-shading and main colour for the shoulders Masking and main colour applied. Contemptor weapons Progress so far, I have some learning objectives I want … Continue reading Imperial Fists Contemptor #1

Hobby Progress – A dent in April

I’ve dusted off the airbrush compressor and made a temporary space to start putting a basecoat on my hobby progress units. I’ve also made a move over to dedicated airbrush paints so I don’t have to thin out GW or mix in other colours to make a blue I like, I never remember recipies and I’m dire at writing them down. Two paints I settled … Continue reading Hobby Progress – A dent in April

The Independent Characters – Hobby progess Challenge

So I’ve entered the IC Hobby Progress Challenge to make some progress and provide some motivation. My entry – More info on the challenge can be found here – The challenge is in two halves, but entirely optional, the first being a 1000 points zone mortalis force. This places some restrictions on the force that can be formed, most of them will be … Continue reading The Independent Characters – Hobby progess Challenge

Other projects

I’ve some other small projects on the go to give me different activities to do when I get bored of whatever I’m doing on the main project. I’ll be making posts of them once they get to a section where I can start taking photos of them. Forgeworld – Mk V Heresy Armour. A new-year purchase of 5 marines. I’m undecided on what to do with all the pieces, … Continue reading Other projects

Places not to clean your airbrush

There are some nice places to clean your airbrush,… and there are some not so nice places. Kitchen/Bathroom sink. – Access to water, towels to dry things, it’s nearly a workbench away from the workbench! With less power and more water. The best feature is the hole at the end of the funnel, it’s a great place to drop small parts you’ve just taken out, … Continue reading Places not to clean your airbrush