Horus Heresy Doubles

My list was using Chosen Duty Delegatus Apoticary 2 Tactical Vet squads with 2 Heavy Bolters (each), PF on the sergeant and a Rhino with a pintle multi-melta Legion Heavy support squad with Lascannons All the characters had a Artificer armour, which came in very handy. Game 1 – Against two Iron Warriors. One of my Rhino’s has earned a name after weathering a round … Continue reading Horus Heresy Doubles

Terminator progress and starting some Horus Heresy Imperial Fists

I’ve got some updates for a Crimson Fist Terminator squad, I have to do some more for the small parts and then move on to a wash. I’d like a stone effect for the inner section of the shield but I don’t have the painting skill to do something effective so I’ll go with a solid colour. View post on imgur.com In another Era, I’ve … Continue reading Terminator progress and starting some Horus Heresy Imperial Fists

October commitment update and extension

Last months commitment has been a disaster for me, I’ve managed to get a hole filed and some skulls painted. I thought I’d have plenty of free time when I got back from Canada but work and jet-lag pulled me down to a handful of hours. I’m extending my current project in to November. I did finish The Unremembered Empire and Deathwatch. That’s hobby progress, … Continue reading October commitment update and extension

Hobby commitment for October!

I keep starting projects but seldom finish, this changes with this month. As part of a hobby challenge with another (http://lordscrambles.blogspot.ie/) I’m setting goals each month to start and finish a unit in my expansive Crimson Fists army. I realise I have posts about previous projects and they will tie in a little to this one. The March of my Elites and Techmaine workshop posts … Continue reading Hobby commitment for October!

A busy summer

A recent house move AND the birth of my daughter has put my 40k habit on hold for a bit, the assembling half of it anyway. I’ve continued the purchasing half… Squad of Cataphractii Terminators Legion MkIV Outrider Squadron Forgeworld Open day model (Krieg Commissar) Gantries from the Lasercut MDF terrain kickstarter (okay that’s a long term one) Stormraven The Stormraven conversion kit from Chapterhouse Studio’s I had a … Continue reading A busy summer